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Cannabis is legal in your lifetime. January 1, 2014 marked a new era. Cannabis became legal in the nation of Uruguay and two U.S. states, Colorado and Washington. States are jockeying to see who is next. More than twenty states have medical programs in place. The medical cannabis market is expected to top 9 billion dollars with only nine states having distribution systems in place.

Florida CAN is the industry leader in Florida. Our group has evolved over the past two decades to include marketing experts, lawyers, doctors, and business leaders. Florida CAN's government liaison work places us squarely on the forefront of the coming industry.

The only limiting factor is the Florida legislature, and money is the multiplier. We know lawmakers are ready to move on this issue. Now is your opportunity to have your brand associated with Florida’s most trusted name in cannabis, the Florida Cannabis Action Network.

Collaborating with Florida CAN is a great way to guarantee that your brand becomes a household name among Floridians interested in cannabis. The political landscape in Florida assures cannabis will be a hot-topic throughout 2016’s campaign season, and Florida CAN is the recognized as the leading voice among lawmakers.

Our Legislative Program:

·       Continuing to give voice to affected communities through direct legislative contact;

·       Shepherding bills through the committee process and be available to speak on behalf of consumers at committee hearings;

·       Introducing amendments to expand conditions and business access to several of the cannabis bills we expect to move;

·       Halting HB 161 by Rep. Dave Kerner, a bill to introduce a nano-gram limit for driving or boating under the influence;

·       Increasing the number of lawmakers who understand cannabis as a first option, not a last resort;


·       Expanding our reputation among leadership as the name to trust in cannabis information. 

Our “Be the Change” Community Outreach program centers around the campaign office, strategically placed in Brevard County. Both the incoming Speaker of the House and President of the Senate are part of the Brevard Legislative Delegation. The office is a hub of activity, pulling in visitors from around the state. The location at the corner of US 1 and a major causeway assures high visibility.

Throughout the year, this program hosts training seminars, produces educational pamphlets, and involves the growing online community of supporters through our newsletter. We mobilize our volunteers with surveys, petitions and actions. The office is home to our professional staff, with a variety of skilled-volunteers are on-hand.

Florida Cannabis Action Network, dba Florida CAN and FLCAN is a proud Florida not-for-profit corporation. We are not a charitable foundation (501c3) as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, so donor information remains private. If you are interested in a tax-deductible donation, major gifts are handled through our Melbourne office. Please call 321-253-3673x 5.

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