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Be the Change - Endorse the Florida CAN Plan

This is where you will find your place in the effort to help Florida families.

You know it makes sense - increase public safety, improve the quality of life for patients, open opportunities for research, save tax payers money, and turn an unregulated, untaxed market right side up to show real compassion for those who need this plant. Overnight we can take a dangerous marketplace where the more ruthless the dealer the higher the chance of success, and adopt a system that meets all the requirements of sound public policy.

Be the first among your friends to endorse the Florida CAN plan by adding your name to our endorsement page. Consider using the resources we provide to encourage your friends, social organizations, professional associations, faith-based groups, and civic clubs to take a public position by endorsing our plan.

Keep checking back to learn which lawmakers are endorsing the Florida CAN plan and consider volunteering to help educate lawmakers, pass resolutions, collect signatures, write letters to the editor, and more.

It takes an incredible amount of time to create the political willpower required to make such an incredible swing in public policy. Money is the great multiplier. With enough money, you can buy time - in the form of professional staff and resources for volunteers. Many people can not afford to donate. If you are one of those people, we encourage you to give generously of your time and talent. Here are no-cost ways you can support the Florida CAN Plan.

Please know every donation, a minimum of $5, is greatly appreciated. Learn more about sponsors, tax-deductible projects and even advertising with Florida CAN. We have more ways to help now than ever.

You can learn more about the Florida CAN ambassador program and other FLCAN projects through our flagship site, www.FLCAN.org.

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