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Notice About The Bill
There is no companion bill for HB 843 at this time. Information for this bill has been compiled together below.

Compassionate use of low-THC cannabis

House Bill # 843 - Cannabis

Sponsored by Judiciary Committee, Criminal Justice Subcommittee, Rep. Gaetz and Rep. Edwards
Co-Sponsored by Rep. Ahern, Rep. Antone, Rep. Caldwell, Rep. Clelland, Rep. Combee, Rep. Cruz, Rep. Danish, Rep. Fitzenhagen, Rep. Fresnen, Rep. Hood, Rep. Hooper, Rep. Hutson, Rep. Jones, S., Rep. Kerner, Rep. Moskowitz, Rep. Nelson, Rep. Pigman, Rep. Pilon, Rep. Raschein, Rep. Richardson, Rep. Rooney, Rep. Saunders, Rep. Smith, Rep. Stewart, Rep. Van Zant, and Rep. Wood

Synopsis of CS/CS/HB 843

Proposed Committee Substitute for CS/HB 843, through the general law-making process of the Regular Legislative Session, now creates a regulatory scheme overseen by the Department of Health that authorizes the use of low-THC cannabis for medicinal purposes. The bill authorizes a Florida MD, or DO, with specific requirements to order low-THC cannabis for the patient's medical use if no other satisfactory alternative treatment options exist for that patient.

In addition to creating and maintaining the compassionate use registry,the bill requires DOH to authorize the establishment of a dispensing organization in northwest Florida, northeast Florida, central Florida, and south Florida.

Florida Department of Health will also be required to establish the Office of Compassionate Use, under the direction of the Deputy State Health Officer. The Deputy State Health Officer is authorized to enhance access to investigational new drugs to Florida patients through approved clinical treatment plans or studies.

Two research programs are administered under this bill with the authority of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration:

  • Low-THC and Cannabidiol Research
    • Authorizes medical centers and state universities to conduct research on cannabidiol and low-THC cannabis.
  • Research of Cannabidiol and its effect on Intractable Childhood Epilepsy
    • Provides the James and Esther King Biomedical Research Program an annual and perpetual source of funding in order to support research initiatives in the areas of tobacco-related cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and pulmonary disease. The Biomedical Research Advisory Council, consisting of 11 members, including: the CEOs of the American Lung Association of Florida, Greater Southeast Affiliate of the American Heart Association, Florida Division of the American Cancer Society; and the remaining members are appointed by the Governor, President of the Senate, and Speaker of the House.

CS/CS/HB 843 Activity and Text

CS/HB 843: Cannabis

April 22, 2014 -
CS/CS/HB 843 filed  Committee Substitute 2
April 21, 2014 -
Judiciary Committee voted favorable for PCS for CS/HB 843; YEAS 15 NAYS 3
April 20, 2014 -
Proposed Committee Substitute (PCS) for CS/HB 843 was added to the Judiciary Committee agenda for April 21, 2014
March 20, 2014 -
Appropriations Committee voted favorable for CS/HB 843; YEAS 24 NAYS 0
March 18, 2014 -
CS/HB 843 was added to the Appropriations Committee agenda for March 20, 2014
March 10, 2014 -
HB 843 reported out of the Criminal Justice Subcommittee with Committee Substitute filed  Committee Substitute 1
March 5, 2014 -
With a 12-1 vote, HB 843 passed the Criminal Justice Subcommittee with the following amendments:  First AmendmentFirst Amendment to AmendmentSecond Amendment to Amendment
March 4, 2014 -
HB 843 had its First Reading
March 3, 2014 -
HB 843 was placed on the Criminal Justice Subcommittee agenda for March 5, 2014
February 14, 2014
HB 843 was referred to the following Committees:
 Criminal Justice Subcommittee
February 12, 2014 -
HB 843 was filed  Original Bill Text


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