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Cannabis is a commodity just like wheat. Prohibition has driven the price up and the people who trade cannabisA Better Economy underground. Removing criminal penalties for cannabis allows that economy to be brought into the light. Here are some ways cannabis stimulates the economy.

  • Medicinal Products – The legal cannabis market is a place for chemists, researchers, printers, and realtors, alike. New products brought to market employ people from R & D to packaging and distribution to a vast number of other fields.
  • Construction – Not only will the construction industry benefit from renovating existing retail and development space, hemp – the name for the industrial plant – is a 'new' construction material. Hempcrete is an earth-friendly, durable, superior building product, and it is just one of the over 10,000 industrial uses for the plant.
  • Clothing – Growing hemp for cloth is better for the health of the planet than cotton, which uses vastly more pesticides. Hemp fiber is versatile enough to make a everything from soft linen to super strong carpet fibers and even a replacement for the glass in fiberglass.
  • Oils – The plant very resinous. The seeds are 90% oil. These oils can be processed into a variety of products, including medicinal solutions, cosmetics, food grade oil, and they can also be refined for bio-fuels.
  • Recreational Market – The adult recreation market is developing in Colorado. The entire adult recreation market in Florida is currently unregulated, untaxed and uncontrolled. There were over 38,000 arrests in 2011 for possession of cannabis by adults in Florida, at immense cost to taxpayers.

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